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For media enquiries contact:

Adelaide: Suzanne Jarvis, 0478 717 775

Brisbane and Cairns: Jacqueline Larsen, 0412 255587

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Bangers and Mashups! is a production of jukebox greatest hits from the 60s to 90s arranged in easy singalong harmonies for full tilt audience participation.

The repertoire features medleys of big hit wonders, disco, rock and duet ballads along with showpieces of Motown, love songs and power ballads.  All interactive, singalong, karaoke mayhem!

There will be MUCH audience participation with games and on-the-spot competitions.  Divas, crooners and rockers will be discovered.  Even air guitar pros get to strut their stuff.

We are looking for people with a sense of adventure who are willing to lubricate their vocal chords, wear their dancing shoes and participate in this high energy, part pop choir, part choir performance, part mass karaoke, 90 minute jukebox singalong.

Everyone can learn harmonies, sing with the choir or take to the stage for a solo performance.  It will all be made possible.

“Bangers and mashups!” kicks off with a premiere performance at Woodville Town Hall with two shows on Saturday, 2nd March.

Vocalize Choir, Marion, is joining with Queensland based Soul Song choirs to bring 185 singers (with 115 travelling from interstate!) to the stage to sing in harmony with the audience and ‘bang out’ everyone’s favourite hits.

This massive resident choir will be directed by Kerrie Polkinghorne (Vocalize) who, with hosts 'Jaq Daniel' (Soul Song), will leave audiences breathless and high on music over two shows, 4pm and 8pm on Saturday March 2nd at Woodville Town Hall.

Over 400 tickets have already sold.  We aim to double this number.

“Bangers and Mashups!” then heads to Brisbane and Cairns in April, 2024.



Bangers and Mash Ups Choir Directed by Jacqueline Larsen

185 singers on stage at the one time. 115 from interstate including Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Tasmania team up with 70 Adelaide singers to form a massive choir on stage at the Woodville Town Hall, Saturday, March 2nd for two shows, 4pm and 8pm only. 

“Bangers and Mashups” is the brainchild of Kerrie Polkinghorne, director of Marion-based Vocalize Choir, and Jacqueline Larsen, director of Soul Song Choirs from Brisbane and Cairns and a hybrid viral choir with members from around Australia and the world. 

A 90-minute production, “Bangers and Mashups” is an interactive singalong of jukebox joy. The audience will be led on a journey through medleys of disco and rock hits, as well as classic pop duets and power ballads. 

Bringing a production of this size to stage, writing the arrangements and directing the performance has been a performance in itself. For the singers it has meant weeks of memorising harmony lines, singing in the shower and immersing themselves in mash-up mayhem. 

With 65 songs arranged for medleys and showpieces in easy singalong harmonies, Kerrie and Jacqueline have brought to life greatest hits of the 60’s to the 90’s aimed at mass audience interaction. 

“Glorious, massed singing of the best bangers around, as well as interactive competitions, glow sticks, inflatable guitars and a backing choir from across the country - as far as Fringe productions go, this has to be one of the biggest!”, says Director, Kerrie Polkinghorne. 

Don’t miss Bangers and Mashups, on stage at Woodville Town Hall, Saturday, March 2nd. Two shows only – 4pm and 8pm. Doors open 45 minutes prior and tickets on sale at FringeTix. 


Bangers and Mashups! Woodville Town Hall, Saturday, March 2nd, 4pm & 8pm. Tickets at FringeTix 

Are you ready to sing your heart out to the greatest power ballads, rock and disco hits from the 60s to the 90s? 

Can you imagine mass karaoke with a backing choir of 185 singers? It’s all happening at Woodville Town Hall on Saturday, March 2nd over two shows, 4:00pm and 8:00pm. 

Soul Song choir from Queensland together with Vocalize Choir from Adelaide present “Bangers and Mashups” a 90-minute jukebox singalong of mass audience participation, competitions and much fun! 

Join in this big jukebox singalong! Tickets on sale through FringeTix. 


Have you ever had the urge to ‘bang out’ hits from the 60s to 90s, in harmony? 

This is your time! ‘Bangers and Mashups’ is a 90-minute production celebrating those transcendent moments of jukebox singalong. You will perform songs, learn harmonies and get involved with the production, supported by a 150-voice choir. 

Adelaide’s Vocalize Choir together with Soul Song from Queensland present this maximum audience participation production. 

Be at Woodville Town Hall, Saturday, March 2nd. Two shows, 4pm and 8pm. Doors open 45 minutes prior. Tickets at FringeTix. 


Calling all those who love to ‘bang out’ a good harmony! 

‘Bangers and Mashups’ is a 90-minute jukebox ‘mashup’ singalong of greatest hits from the 60s to 90s. 

Perfect for shower singers, pop divas and air guitar pros! 

Join in a fun night of singing, games and on-the-spot competitions. Lubricate your vocal cords, bring your dancing shoes and sense of adventure! 

Grab a friend for a night of mass participation and karaoke mayhem. You will be on your feet, singing your heart out, accompanied by a choir of over 180 singers from Adelaide’s Vocalize Choir and Soul Song from Queensland. 


For the first-time at the Fringe, this is one show you can enjoy with the whole family.


No age restrictions, just pure musical fun that transcends generations! Bring your mates, your little ones, your parents, and everyone in between for harmonious joy. 

Bangers and Mashups!, Woodville Town Hall, Saturday, March 2nd, 4pm and 8pm only. Tickets at FringeTix. 


Do you rock out in the shower? Are you a carpool karaoke extraordinaire? 

Why keep that superstar performance to yourself when you can join Bangers and Mashups! and take your serenades to the stage? Imagine belting out your favorite tunes surrounded by a choir of fellow rock stars. They’ve got your back, so are you in? 

Bangers and Mashups!, Woodville Town Hall, Saturday, March 2nd, 4pm and 8pm only. Tickets at FringeTix. 


Look sharp music superstars! 

Tickets are flying out the door for Bangers and Mash Ups! 2024. 

This is not your average Fringe gig. 185 voice choir on stage. 420 in the audience. All singing 60’s to 90’s greatest hits in harmony! Secure your spot at the ultimate mashup party. Grab your tickets at FringeTix NOW before they vanish like a catchy chorus! 

Bangers and Mashups!, Woodville Town Hall, Saturday, March 2nd, 4pm and 8pm only. Tickets at FringeTix. 

Ever thought that you deserved your own backup singers? Kerrie and Jaqueline have got you covered. You bring the lead vocals, they’ll bring the tunes, vibe, and 185 voice choir to make your musical dreams come true! 

Join in the debut production of Bangers and Mashups! 2024. Save the Date: 2 March 2024 at Woodville Town Hall. Two shows, 4pm and 8pm. 

Get ready to shine and create a musical mashup masterpiece together! 

For more information visit 


A Vocal Journey – Jody Arthur, member of Soul Song Viral Choir 

At the age of nine, Jody Arthur auditioned for her school choir. The teacher told her, “you sing like a frog!”. 

Jody didn’t make the choir, but she did go on to teach and for more than 10 years trained a choir for the Festival of Music and for more than 20 years performed with the Kapunda Musical Society in musicals, dramas and concerts around SA’s mid-north and in Adelaide. 

Eventually full-time teaching and evening rehearsals took its toll on Jody’s voice and, after barely making it through a 2016 performance of “Les Misérables”, Jody was forced into a full vocal rest. “After that concert I stopped performing and then eventually stopped teaching. My voice was wrecked. For six months I could not sing at all and was barely able to talk”, said Jody. 

Time and exercises returned Jody’s speaking voice, but her singing voice became weak, thready and unreliable. “And, if I sing or speak too much I become, dare I say it, croaky!”, says Jody. 

When covid and isolation fell over South Australia, Jody spotted Jacqueline Larsen’s post on Facebook about an on-line Soul Song choir. “It was everything I needed – everything, we all needed. I signed up and am proud to have been a member of the Viral Choir from day one”, said Jody. 

“The Viral Choir members are such dear, special people to me. We’ve shared sad, difficult times and celebrated triumphs. We’ve laughed till we cried and given ourselves a stitch. We’ve helped each other, supported each other, encouraged each other. Some of these people know things about me that I’ve never told anyone else. They are my confidants, my go-to advisors, my dearest, closest friends. 

“But here’s the clincher – I’ve never met them in real life, and I’ve certainly never sung with them. Saturday, March 2nd, 2024, will be the first time I see them outside of a zoom box, the first time I will hug them, the first time after four years of singing alone in my loungeroom that I will sing with them all side-by-side. I will become, at last, a choir singer. And I already know they won’t care in the least if I do sing like a frog!”, says Jody. 

Jody will be part of a 185-voice choir bringing the “Bangers and Mashups!” production to life at Woodville Town Hall, Saturday, March 2nd for two shows only at 4pm and 8pm with tickets on sale at FringeTix. 

VIP (seated) $40:00 

Full price $35:00 

Concession $28:00 

Children $10:00 

For more information, please visit: 


Susan Heyes pic.jpg

The healing power of song – Susan Heyes


Elvis Costello said, “A song can infiltrate your heart and the heart may change your mind.”  For 65-year-old lecturer Susan Heyes it also has the power to lift her heart and relax her mind leaving a sense of wellbeing.

For some years now, Susan has struggled with spondyloarthropathy an autoimmune disease affecting her neck, back, hips, knees, ribs, and feet leaving her very stiff and struggling to move.  Fatigue and depression of sleep and stamina are constant battles. The treatment is by injection of a biological drug that also depletes and compromises her immune system.

“Music and dancing were always a big part of my life”, says Susan.  With memories of singing in her primary school choir at the Adelaide Town Hall, and finding more time after completing her PhD, Susan joined the Marion based, Vocalize Choir.  “I was very nervous for the first rehearsal but was made to feel welcome and went home feeling fantastic.  Joining the choir and reconnecting with music and singing has had a positive effect, as it can release the feel-good hormones which are mood lifting”, said Susan.

“I think singing in the choir has not only improved my health, but also connected me with other people who have the same love of singing and music. Singing, moving to the music, doing Kerrie’s (Director) crazy warm-ups, and holding notes forever and ever, must be great exercise for my cardiac and pulmonary health, agility, and stamina, but also the social aspects.”

Susan will be performing in a Fringe event with Vocalize Choir at Woodville Town Hall.   Bangers and Mashups! is a collaboration of Vocalize Choir and Soul Song choirs from Queensland.  With 185 voices on stage, the choir and the audience will sing hits from the 60’s to the 90’s, in harmony. 


Tickets through FringeTix

VIP (seated)   $40:00

Full price        $35:00

Concession    $28:00

Children         $10:00


Sarah Madden.JPG

Singing therapy – A journey of healing – Sarah Madden


Sarah Madden is 49 years young and has spent the past four years undergoing 29 surgeries after contracting staphylococcus of the bone during her third knee replacement surgery. “Hospital became my new home”, says Sarah. 

Eight years ago, Sarah joined Marion based, Vocalize Choir. “I just love to sing and perform and saw this as a great opportunity to do something purely for me”, said Sarah. 

“I studied music all through school, played the piano, as well as being a member of the school choirs and vocal jazz ensemble, performing at different school events such as fetes, private bookings and on numerous stages around Adelaide”, adds Sarah. 

While being kept in hospital for four years, Sarah spent many days alone. Music was a great comfort to her. “I shared zoom with friends, rehearsed pieces, practise pieces we were working on and even managed to play the piano in the hospital. 

“Singing most definitely has helped me through many a dark day. I feel so full of joy and happiness when I sing. I can forget all my troubles and just get lost in it all. Music is such a fabulous healing tool,” says Sarah. 

Sarah will be one of 185 voices in the production of Bangers and Mashups! at Woodville Town Hall, Saturday, March 2nd. 

Bangers and Mashups! is a collaboration between Vocalize Choir and Soul Song Choirs from Queensland and virtual. 

115 singers will be descending on Adelaide from various points of Australia to sing with 70 Vocalize Choir members for two performances, one night only. 

The biggest Fringe event of 2024! 

Bangers and Mashups! 

Woodville Town Hall 

Saturday, March 2nd 

4pm and 8pm 

Tickets at FringeTix 

For more information please visit 

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